Saw Dust Pallet



Our wood pellet has a high caloric value of 4800Kcal/kg and a very low ash content of only 0.3%.


Diameter: 6-8mm
Length: 5 to 30 mm (20% to 45 mm)
smooth surface
Density: min. 1.12 kg/dm3
Bulk density: 650 kg/m3 min
energy content: min. 4.6 kWh / kg
Water content: max. 10%
Ash content: max. 0.5%
dust content (pre-shipment): max. 1%
binder: forbidden
Impurity: no



in 15kg bags,

In 1000kg Big bags

We also customize the packaging accordingly


We supply bases in accordance with client-specific requirements and successfully establish great relationships with them. Client satisfaction has been the aim concern.


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